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FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate

Flood Elevation Certificates are required in areas designated by FEMA as being within the designated floodplain. These Flood Elevation Certificates will determine insurance rates based on the type of structure, amount of flood venting, and elevations of particular elements surrounding the structure. Flood Elevation Certificates are also required when building a new structure within the designated floodplain in a 3-step process. Pre-construction, mid-construction, and post-construction. ​

Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

Sometimes FEMA will show your property has been labeled as being within a designated floodplain, even when your property or house is elevated above the 100-year flood elevation. When this occurs, we can file a LOMA to remove a structure, portion of the property, or all of the property from the property.

***Price calculator is approximate only. Prices can vary drastically based on many factors. Further research is required for a more accurate approximation. Please complete our online form on the "Request A Quote" page for a detailed quote***

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