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Doug, originally from Canada, brings a wealth of expertise as a specialist in construction surveying. Beyond the precision of surveying, he finds joy in the great outdoors, often immersing himself in activities like hiking, camping, and traveling. Doug's commitment to excellence extends from the construction site to his personal pursuits.


A true Pacific Northwesterner, Brian was born and raised in the region. His specialization spans across construction surveying, municipality surveying, and easement preparations. Outside of his professional endeavors, Brian cherishes moments with his family, especially during their time in eastern Washington. His dedication to both work and family reflects his deep roots in the PNW.


Tim, a Registered Licensed Land Surveyor in Washington state, plays a crucial role at Benchmark Land Surveying while calling Snohomish home. Specializing in residential surveys, short plats, and FEMA surveys, Tim brings precision and expertise to every project. Beyond his professional endeavors, Tim cherishes quality moments with his family, exemplifying a dedication to both his work and personal life.

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